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FounderChristian Potsch
FounderFlorian Drechsler
UI/UXFabian Huth
UI/UXSebastian Biller
EngineeringThomas Schäfer
EngineeringAdam Nugent
EngineeringDirk Ehrenschwender
CablecarryKevin Gröger
We craft exceptional experiences in the web that are built on the cutting-edge technology of today.

Offene Stellen

    What encourages us?

    We believe, that we can drive innovation by early-adopting and creating inspiring technology. Paired with ideas and creativity we are building solutions that not just fit the issue, but result in even more innovation.

    We share our thoughts early and always question ourselves and the decisions we make. Learning new things every day continuously improves us as a team. Inspiring others and becoming inspired is crucial for our success.

    We work with people that do not simply follow, but think outside of predefined borders, creating a welcoming environment where everybody cares for the people around them and cares for their work and resulting impact.

    The Origin

    Our Vision is as old or new as our company. When we founded 'headtrip' in 2014, our name already had our idea in it, becoming more valid every day, since:

    'head' stands for the mind that imaginates ideas and understands concepts, or like in heading, describing our attitude to be first-movers.

    'trip' as an adjective for unlocking the mind, being able to soak up new knowledge or like in travel, to discover new perspectives.

    Both parts of our name, carry what we do, each part on his own way, merging to a unit: We create and combine creativity and technology.

    We'd love to hear from you

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